How Do Submersible Liquid Level Sensors Work?

Submersible level sensors are extremely accurate and can take constant level readings in almost any size tank. The Submersible level sensor works by measuring the hydrostatic pressure emitted by a liquid in the tank. Since hydrostatic pressure is a measure of two variables, one being the density of the fluid and the other being the height of the fluid. Assuming that the density of the liquid is constant, then we can correlate the change in hydrostatic pressure to be due to the height of the liquid in the tank.

The atmospheric pressure above the liquid line affects the hydrostatic pressure at the bottom of the tank, as well as the level of the liquid in the tank. Tanks that are not pressurized or that are vented have some applications where the atmospheric pressure is not constant. In these cases the submersible level sensors have their own venting so that they make up for the difference, allowing the device to keep its readings reliable.

The device is designed to be compact so that it can work in virtually any tank with an optional cable length of up to 2500 feet. This allows for broader applicability for the device. Some common application for the submersible level sensor includes pump controls for wells and wastewater treatment plants, hydrometry readings for sea water level, level measurement in a water reserve, and much more.


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