Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter


The 1200CT series of  Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter is designed for high accuracy volume measurement of crude oils and other liquid hydrocarbons including (potable /cooling) water tariff metering

The Tek-Sonic Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter is based on the principle of transit-time difference measurement. A pair of ultrasonic transducers, one located upstream and the other downstream, send pulsed waves in the liquid and an electronic converter measures the difference in transit time between the wave travelling upstream to downstream and the one travelling downstream to upstream. This difference provides an accurate measurement of the average velocity of the liquid along the ultrasonic path.

  • Extremely high accuracy (better than 0.1%).
  • up to 32 beams design configurations provides the best redundancy.
  • Smallest prover volume requirement to achieve fiscal type repeatability.
  • Compatible with compact and ball provers.
  • Works with water cut from 0 to 100%.
  • Successfully tested with GVF up to 20% .
  • Much lower pressure drop on heavy oil.
  • Calibration on products by 3rd party at the best laboratories.
  • Calibration performance monitoring unique feature.
  • Condition Base Monitoring (CBM) available (smart diagnostics).
AccuracyBetter than ± 0.1% accuracy
Compliances OIML R117-1 class 0.3 API MPMS ch5.8 MID 2004/22/EC
Repeatability0.05% 5 runs with conventional prover loops
Uncertainty+/-0.027% at 95% confidence level as per API MPMS 4.8 table A-1
Installation10D upstream with recommended flow conditioner + 3D downstream for an option without a flow conditioner, please contact us for details

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