Dual Chamber


Tek-DP 1610B Dual Chamber Orifice Fittings are highly reliable dual chamber devices constructed for flow measurement in oils, gases, and liquids. The field-proven dual chamber technology ensures extremely simple, fast and safe method of changing orifice plates under pressure without flow interruption. These orifice fittings are pivotal in the processes where a shutdown time is impractical.

Tek-trol’s Dual Chamber Orifice Fittings strictly comply with the latest AGA 3/API 14.3 concentricity requirements. Its three-point plate centering mechanism ensures accurate and repeatable plate positioning with minimum eccentricity. The first chamber of the dual chamber orifice fittings holds the orifice plate securely in the flow line, whereas the second chamber provides room to withdraw the orifice plate for inspection. With the help of a spindle, the operator can easily move the orifice plate from the first chamber to the second chamber without interrupting the pressurized line.

  • Highly reliable and field-repairable.
  • Ensures fast and safe plate replacement.
  • Requires no breaking apart or depressurizing the flow line.
  • No operational downtime.
  • Eliminates liquid or gas leakage possibility.
  • Offers versatility of line sizes.
  • Option with Dual Isolation (DBB) complies with HSG253 publication for safe isolation of plant and equipment.

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