Wafer Style Orifice Plate


Tek-DP 1610H Wafer Style Orifice Plate is a complete package of flow metering. Tek-DP 1610H Orifice Plate is made up of stainless-steel material which is a true primary element for differential pressure measurements, and also consists of a unique holder and a ring containing metering taps and gaskets. Tek-DP 1610H Orifice Plate is specially designed for conventional flow applications and is cost-effective and highly efficient as used in other differential producers. The Tek-DP 1610H Orifice Plate is available in various line sizes (1/2″ to 24″), and meet ASME, AGA, and ISO Standards. Installation is achieved by slipping the self-centering unit between standard 150# flanges.

The Tek-DP 1610H Wafer Style Orifice Plate is mostly used for gases, liquids, corrosive, and high-temperature fluids. The Wafer Style Orifice Plate is available with various bore styles including concentric, eccentric, segmental, quadrant edge, multiple Bore. The solid state PVC construction orifice plate eliminates the resting and plugging of the sensing port. The Tek-DP 1610H Wafer Style Orifice Plate is available without bevel, which accommodate bi-directional flow. It ensures accuracy while eliminating inside diameter of pipe. Simple orifice device is available for cast iron piping without welding. This device eliminates potential flange rating mismatches and does not need any additional centering device. It is ideal for lightweight duct measurement. The proven technology is widely used in energy efficiency applications along with, low viscosity fluids, gasses containing liquids, and limited pipe runs applications.
  • Predrilled integrated metering taps are available.
  • Pre-attached full-faced integral gasket.
  • “Corner” type metering taps provide coefficient accuracy values.
  • Highly reliable and accurate.
  • Easy to install and cost-effective.
  • Highly stable and durable.
  • Solid-state PVC construction eliminates the resting and plugging of the sensing port.
  • Ability to match the range of an existing DP Transmitter.
  • Indicate gage without recalibration or replacement.
  • Orifice bore is calculated to match specified “head loss” requirements.
  • Orifice bore styles are available in Concentric, Eccentric, Segmental, Quadrant edge, Multiple Bore.
  • Eliminate inside pipe diameter.
  • Bi-directional flow capabilities.
  • The thickness of the orifice plate is as per the ASME/AGA standards.
  • Eliminate potential flange rating mismatches.
  • Eliminates the requirement of additional centering devices.
  • Ideal for lightweight duct measurement.
  • Eliminate additional throttling valve by combining flow meter and restrictor as one integral unit.
  • Easily accessible and cleaned using a pipe cleaner or rod out kit.
  • Direct mount installation of manifold transmitters is possible.
  • The remote mount available.
  • Flexible readout options.
  • Proven technology widely used in energy efficiency applications.
Accuracy ±0.6% of full-scale Flow
Wetted Material 304SS, Buna-N gaskets
Temperature -600°F to 2000°F (Dependent on Material and Gasketing)
Pressure Limited only by pipe and flange rating restrictions (ISO: 300, 600, 900; ANSI: 1500, 2500#)
Line Sizes ½” to 24”
Head Loss Similar to Standard Orifice Plates
Fluids Liquids, Gases, and Steam High Pressure and Temperature, Corrosive Fluids
Process Connection ¼” Female NPT
Pipe Requirements Refer to Installation Sheet Attached. General Requirements 10D up and 5D down
Bore Concentric Standard, Eccentric, Quadrant Edge, Segmental, Multi Bore Available
Installation Standard ANSI Flange, 150# STD (Orifice Flanges Not Required)
Weight Varies with Line Size and Model

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