NEMA 4X Panel Mount Multi-Channel Controller

TEK-LCD 7801C NEMA 4X Panel Mount Multi-Channel Controller

Tek-LCD 7801C NEMA 4X Panel Mount Multi-Channel Controller is easy to use and satisfies various processes, including display, alarm, and control applications. It accepts 4 to 20 mA inputs, flow meter pulse inputs, digital inputs, and Modbus inputs and displays them numerically and bar graph format on a large, 5.7″ color display. It can be equipped with multiple relays with user-definable actions, 4-20 mA outputs, digital outputs, Modbus RTU and ASCII, Modbus Enron, and Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP protocol communication capabilities. Additionally, the controller is equipped with up to 32 timers, 99 channels, 32 totalizers, and 99 Modbus inputs to control many processes or events. Tek-LCD 7801C NEMA 4X Panel Mount Multi-Channel Controller takes full advantage of its color display by allowing the user to customize screen colors for bar graphs, alarm conditions, and input channels. All this functionality is easily programmed using the free software or via the front panel pushbuttons.

The Tek-LCD 7801C NEMA 4X Panel Mount Multi-Channel Controller combines multiple alarms into logic AND and/or OR alarms. It has a simulation and manual control mode for testing setup, and its modular design provides input and output flexibility. It is possible to calculate round horizontal tank volume. The Tek-LCD 7801C consists of 50-point linearization, square root, and exponent for open channel flow and open channel flow math formulas for weirs and flumes. It is available with multi-pump alternation control and on/off control with the random varying set point. Automatic or manual scanning is possible through Tek-LCD 7801C.

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