Panel Mount Loop-Powered Process Indicator


These loop-powered TEK-LCD 7800C Panel Mount Loop-Powered Process Indicators are digital panel meters that can be installed virtually anywhere to provide a convenient and informative display of any 4-20 mA signal. One of the most convenient feature of TEK-LCD 7800C is its dual line display, which is typically used to display the process variable on a 5-digit alphanumeric top line and units/tag on the 8-digit alphanumeric bottom line.

TEK-LCD 7800C Indicator can also display the inputs in one scale on the top line (such as feet) and another scale on the bottom line (such as gallons). For customers who prefer to see their levels represented in digital format, we do offer a model that displays the level in feet and inches. Both of these lines use 14-segment, alphanumeric characters for clear indication of tags, units, or alarm messages. Further enhancing the display on this indicator, it is a 20-segment bargraph, which also includes a numeric value of the percentage the bargraph represents.

TEK-LCD 7800C Panel Mount Loop-Powered Process Indicator can be installed virtually anywhere because it gets the power from a 4-20 mA loop and therefore doesn’t require a separate power source.


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