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Submersible Level Transmitter
The Tek-Sub 4800B Submersible Level Transmitter has a high-precision piezoresistive silicon sensor enclosed in stainless steel housing that offers accurate and reliable level measurement in wide applications. The device is equipped with a ventilation tube that automatically compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure above the tank. It is manufactured to provide lightning and surge protection to stand up in extreme conditions. The device has no moving parts, and offers long-term service with virtually no maintenance required.The Tek-Sub 4800B is supplied with a DC 12 – 36 V power supply and provides an output signal of 4 – 20 mA, 0.5-4.5 DC or RS-485.

Electromagnetic Flow meter

Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Tek-Flux 1400 Electromagnetic Flow meter is used to measure volume flow rate of electrically conductive liquids in different fields of industry. The liquid flow is measured in a contactless manner; the flow meter has no moving mechanical parts and the hydrodynamic conditions at the measurement location in the pipe are absolutely unaffected. It offers high accuracy, reliability and long term stability of measurements. Bi-directional flow measurement is possible using Tek-Flux 1400.

Coriolis Flow Meter

Our range of Coriolis Mass Flow Meters is designed to suit your need to measure almost any fluid across any application. Built on the Coriolis principle, these meters measure the mass of the fluids directly, rather than volume and hence they do not require compensations for factors such as temperature and pressure which impact volume and hence accuracy of measurement.

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