Explosion-Proof Multivariable Transmitter


Tek-Trol’s advanced Tek-Bar 3800XH Explosion-Proof Multivariable Transmitter provides a reliable and accurate measurement of direct process variables. Tek-Trol’s Multivariable Transmitter consists of multisensor and microprocessor technologies. Therefore, the transmitter is capable of measuring three different process variables at the same time.  The Tek-Bar 3800XH Multivariable Transmitter is a best-in-class design solution to obtain measurement combinations of different process variables, including DP (Differential Pressure), SP (Static Pressure), PT (Process Temperature), Flow, Totalizer and MBT (Meter Body Temperature). It delivers better performance, reliability, flexible construction, advanced display technologies and unique integration features. The Tek-Bar 3800XH Multivariable Transmitter provides repeatable, accurate and stable flow measurement with dynamic compensation algorithms compatible with various flow elements and global engineering standards. Its innovative and modular design supports the end user’s ability to replace meter bodies, indicators or change electronic modules without affecting the overall performance and it reduces maintenance costs to provide a cost-effective solution. Also, its universal calibration and input capability minimize inventory requirements.  This stable compensated flow measurement solution is used across industry verticals, including Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, Glass, Pulp & Paper, Metal and other process industries.

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