Utilities/Non-Combustible Multivariable Transmitter


Tek-Bar 3800E Utilities/Non-Combustible Multivariable Transmitter is an advanced Multivariable Transmitter that simultaneously measures multiple independent process variables. This Multivariable is suitable for a wide range of liquid, gas, and steam applications for measuring static and differential pressure, temperature, and mass flow. The Tek-Bar 3800E is a highly stable multivariable transmitter that provides accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. Tek-Bar 3800E displays output on its local indicator and supports HART communication protocol for remote set-up and control. It provides real-time measurements; therefore, this Multivariable Transmitter is capable of instantaneous cumulative mass flow calculations and data acquisition. Additional features include easy to install, quick response-time, self-diagnostics and alarm indicators. The Tek-Bar 3800E offers precise and reliable measurements in harsh environments due to its fully welded construction. It can measure multiple variables with one transmitter, thus minimizing pipe penetrations, wiring costs and installation time. The Fully sealed meter encapsulation is suitable for harsh environment and also suitable in severe pressure and temperature spikes. The Tek-DP 3800E has an optional LCD display with convenient push buttons for configuration and it consists of a built-in battery with ultra-low power consumption. The highly reliable meter is used in a wide range of industries such as the medical or pharmaceutical industry, process exhaust systems, engine control, pneumatic, hydraulic machines, chemical and petrochemical industry, air conditioning, refrigeration systems, water and wastewater treatment, and nuclear and thermal power plants.

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