Sanitary Gauge Pressure Transmitter


Tek-Bar 3120C Sanitary Gauge Pressure Transmitter uses the world’s advance silicon pressure sensor technology and state of the art encapsulation technology. This is a high performance pressure transmitter with HART communication protocol and is used to measure gauge pressure. It is used to measure liquid, gas, or steam flow as well as liquid level and density of medium. It has a high accuracy of up to 0.2% of URL and has IP66 water-proof protection.

The Tri-Clamp Gauge Pressure Transmitter works on the principle of mono silicon technology. The pressure sensor of the transmitter is located on the top of the metal body, away from the service fluid. This enables mechanical and thermal isolation of the sensor from the fluid in service. When pressure is applied on the diaphragm and the silicon piezoelectric sensor, they become stressed and under go a change in voltage resistance. This change in resistance is directly proportional to the applied pressure, which is transferred to the transmitter body using lead wires.


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