Market-specific Solutions

Market-specific Solutions

HARTING’S standard components can be adapted for customised solutions. At your request, we can customise HARTING standard components and transform standardised connector housings into customised solutions.

Oil and Gas production equipment is an essential source for global economic growth, depletion of oil reserves, process optimization, cost-effective operation, and continued investment in safety systems. This growing need is pushing producers to seek rugged and reliable control equipment. Tek-Trol’s control products are designed to meet this demand with wear and maintenance-free measurement technology.

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The provision of adequate water supply is essential for the development of entire regions. Tek-Trol provides highly advanced, market-oriented, and cost-effective measuring instruments and customized and fully equipped solutions. Our technology and products improve the performance of plants. Our products are safe and easy to operate and maintain, ensuring sustained savings and productivity.

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Pulp and paper industries play a significant role in many forms in everyday life, including daily newspapers, colorful magazines, white copying paper, glossy art paper, packages of many forms in supermarkets and cardboard boxes, study materials. Tek-Trol offers a complete solution for pulp and paper mills by providing power distribution expertise to enforce the mill’s productivity and control systems for monitoring the efficiency and instrumentation to secure pulp quality.

Wastewater is obtained from domestic, commercial and industrial waste streams together with stormwater run-off. Apart from faeces matter, wastewater contains a variety of suspended and floating debris, including grit and other inert solids washed in from pavement and roof surfaces, paper, plastics, rags and other waste. Other constituents of wastewater are obtained from the process water from industry or commercial undertakings. The monitoring of incoming wastewater should be sufficient to identify the characteristics which would affect the operation and performance efficiency of the plant. Tek-Trol offers unique wastewater solutions tailored to these requirements for proper operation of wastewater treatment plants. We offer cost effective and safe products as they are easy to operate and maintain while increasing productivity. Our Flow, Level, Pressure instrumentation provide accurate and reliable measurement in Wastewater Treatment process plant.

The provision of adequate water supply is essential for the development of entire regions. Tek-Trol provides highly advanced, market-oriented, and cost-effective measuring instruments and customised and fully equipped solutions.

Dairy manufacturers worldwide are using innovative techniques to cater to customer preferences and offer a wide variety of dairy products. Additionally, the dairy operations scale has expanded and increased the need to minimize waste for processing and services.
Tek-Trol provides quality and accurate process control systems.

District energy network is a combination of district heating and district cooling that integrate and balance a large amount of renewable power, serving as thermal storage.
Tek-Trol has a proven solution for providing heating, hot water, and cooling services through a network of insulated pipes.

Sugar production is a cost-sensitive business worldwide. Sugar industries are being modernized and automated in response to the need for efficient production and can compete globally. Tek-Trol’s robust, durable, and high-quality process instruments increase the performance and ensure consistent quality.

District heating and cooling (DHC) is the most efficient, fuel-flexible and environment-friendly method to produce and distribute energy on the market.
  • Heating Condenser: Steam is used to provide electricity to the district heating network. The prevailing weather conditions control the outgoing temperature of the heating water.
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