Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas production equipment is an essential source for global economic growth, depletion of oil reserves, process optimization, cost-effective operation, and continued investment in safety systems. This growing need is pushing producers to seek rugged and reliable control equipment. Tek-Trol’s control products are designed to meet this demand with wear and maintenance-free measurement technology. Tek-Trol understands the challenges in the oil and gas industry and helps customers increase their efficiency by offering world-class process instrumentation, metering solutions and field services to unlock an application’s full potential. Tek-Trol provides reliable instrumentation and metering solutions in the upstream, midstream and downstream Oil and Gas industry. 
Increase manufacturing, optimize drainage and perceive the most value from the reservoir whether you are in a conventional or unconventional environment. Wellhead Monitoring and Integrity: Quickly get insights into your wells to get the best out of your field and optimize the well production through flow data measurement.
  • Separation: Increase production with reliable and efficient separation that provides accurate and real-time data.
  • Water Treatment in Oil and Gas Industry: Analyse and ascertainment of abundant water through extraction.
  • Product Fluids Management: Achieve smarter storage management vapour recovery and custody transfer while minimizing risk.
Reduce operational cost and increase production whether you are in a fixed, floating, or subsea environment.
  • Platforms: Ensure project success and optimize production over the life of your FPSO. Platforms or FPSOs must be precisely maintained, even in the roughest seas with waves up to 30m high.
  • FPSO: Improve operating efficiency and reduce total maintenance costs and associated risks to ensure stability and safety.
  • Subsea: Provide continuous monitoring of performance and higher recovery factors. Precise monitoring of these multiple separation interfaces and emulsions plays a vital role in ensuring the oil separator’s quality for separation.
Accurately, safely and efficiently transport, handle and store product while responding to customer and market demands. 
  • Gas Transmission & Distribution: Optimize profitability with the right automation stratergy and fit-for-purpose technology from construction to long-term operations.
  • Liquid Transmission: Improve operational performance while minimizing risks to liquid transmission pipelines.
  • Storage Terminals: Optimize terminal assets and services for improved throughput while ensuring safety and security.
Improve production and reduce costs for optimized throughput and plant performance in all aspects of the value chain of gas processing.
  • Gathering System: Ensure maximum availability, improve compliance and reduce fiscal risk.
  • NGL Recovery: Efficiently and cost-effectively manage the ever-changing operating condition and recover high-value products.
  • NGL Fractination: Eliminate fractionation process variability and operate closer to optimal constraints to increase yield, efficiency and profit.
  • LNG Liquification: Operate closer to optimum constraints for increase yield efficiency and profit.
  • LNG Regasification: Meet market demands safely and operate efficiently while reducing overall risk and costs.
  • FLNG: Achieve long term efficient operation reduce risk and lifecycles costs.
Achieve accurate and reliable measurements in hazardous environments, whether pumping drilling mud, cement, or simulation fluids.
  • Drilling Fluid or Mud: Remove well cuttings, control the formation pressures, maintain wellbore stability and provide cooling and lubrication to the drill bits.
  • Cementing: Fix the steel casing pipes in place, and cement flow and density measurement are essential to control the process.
  • Hydraulic Fracturing: The fracking fluid flow is measured and controlled when required pressure is achieved.
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