MPFM Multi-Phase Flow Meter

MPFM Multi-Phase Flow Meter

 MPFM Multi-Phase Flow Meter performs continuous three-way separation of gas, oil and water in a one-pass process using a simple mechanical device, without added heat, chemicals or dead-end filters. It represents an inexpensive and scalable improvement in industrial oil and gas, wastewater processing, cleaning of brine waste from oil and gas production and field water purification, and food and beverage processing.

Benefits are as follows:

  • Ability to accurately meter produced gas, water, and oil
  • Completely separates gas from liquids
  • Monitors gas volume fraction (GVF) and liquid volume
    fraction (LVF) from wells
  • Measures net oil/water cut
  • Performs continuous three-way separation of gas, oil and water
  • Multi-phase flow meter can indicate the oil field production condition
  • Improve the management of oil fields
  • Gas-liquid separating unit
  • Monitors gas and liquid volume fraction from wells
Accuracy0.5% for liquid; 3% for water cut; 1% for gas
Flow rate600M3/D
Working Temperature0 to 100C Deg
Working Pressure16 bar
Process Connection4″ ANSI150# flange
Power Supply380V
Signal OutputRS485
Process ConnectionsDIN, ANSI Flanges
Electric Interface½” NPT

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