TEK-DP 1690A Meter Run


Tek-Trol’s Tek-DP 1690A Meter Run is an even section of pipe which is more effective than a fabricated pipe with orifice fittings. It is an accurate and dependable instrument as a result of Tek-Trol’s mission to provide the highest quality. Our experience and skill in designing a wide variety of applications ensure proper tube length, flow conditioner type, and orifice fittings as needed for accurate flow measurement.

We help meet the Latest standards as AGA-3 / API 14.3 and ISO 5167-1. These devices are carefully designed and manufactured to achieve an optimum flow metering uncertainty. It ensures the safe installation of the orifice plate, along with adjacent pipework and tapping’s, which are compliant with ISO 5167 and AGA 3.

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