TEK-DP 1690B Flow Conditioner


Tek-Trol Flow Conditioner is the most effective solution for the flow conditioning needs. These Flow Conditioners are extensively tested and evaluated by independent laboratories and proven superior for stabilizing the performance of the downstream process, even in the most demanding situations. Tek- DP 1690B Flow conditioner provides accurate measurements for air, natural gas, water, oil, liquified petroleum products, or any other fluid application. Tek-Trol offers a wide variety of materials which can be designed for any size, from 1/2” to 60” along with multiple installation options for low temperature and high temperature, NACE, and more.

Tek-DP 1690B Straightening Vane are used in orifice metering system to reduce the flow disturbance and improve the flow profile. Straightening Vanes are installed in the upstream section of meter tubes to reduce flow disturbance preceding the orifice plate. The disturbance is often created by complex piping or valves which precede the orifice metering section. As flow-passes through the vane bundle, this disturbance is straightened and smoothed to a regular flow pattern.

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