TEK-DPro Flow Solutions


Differential Pressure (DP) devices are used widely in many applications and form the largest installed base of all flow measurment devices. DP flow meter designs are simple and sturdy and are therefore reliable. Tek- Trol offers a comprehensive range of DP flow meters-not just the primary elements but also the secondary transmitters and state-of-the-art DP flow monitoring and validation system, popularly known as the TEK-DPro Flow Solutions. The Tek-Trol’s range of DP primary elements includes : 

  • Cone Meter
  • Orifices (Orifice Flange Union, Single Chamber Orifice, Dual Chamber Orifice)
  • Venturi Tube
  • Flow Nozzle
  • Annubar/Pitot Tube
  • Wedge Meters
  • Supports all differential pressure flow meters
  • Supports all smart pressure differential transmitters
  • Management and simulation of captured data points
  • Enhanced data logging functionality, both on-demand or time-based
  • Graphical process variable trending views
  • Simultaneously connect to multiple primary and secondary devices
  • Ideal tool for evaluating multiple devices simultaneously
  • Fault in Repeatability Test Interpretation
  • Fault in Control Chart Interpretation
  • Fault in Composition Comparison

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