TekValSys GC


A unique and comprehensive Condition-Based validation software package for Gas Chromatographs (GCs), comprising GCAS software and Panel PC for hazardous or safe areas.
As an automated, condition-based monitoring software, TekValSys GC:

  • Provides real-time assurance that the GC is operating correctly
  • Analyzes historical data to identify changes and predict future failures
  • Reduces the need for conventional maintenance and unnecessary costs
  • Determines dynamic GC uncertainty for quantification of GC performance
  • Validates that the pressure let-down system provides a representative sample
  • Creates a fully auditable database of GC performance
  • Helps to support and increase a technician’s competence level

Advanced technological development makes us capable of measuring almost anything but accuracy can only be achieved by selecting the right instrument and measuring the right parameters.


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