TekValSys DP


This patented technology has proven to be an extremely powerful tool in ensuring accuracy, providing real-time alerts of meter mismeasurement, and performance shifts, and reducing maintenance overheads on DP systems. Applicable to all types of differential pressure metering systems, including Orifice, Venturi, Cone, Flow Nozzle, and Wedge; TekValSys DP uses 3 Differential Pressure (DP) measurements to monitor the entire pressure field through the meter body. 

Benefits are as follows:

  • Reduced Financial Exposure to Mismeasurement
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost
  • Reduced Risk to Personnel Health and Safety
  • Assurance of Meter System Performance
  • Possibility of Achieving Financial Payback in Few Days

The benefits of TekValSys DP can be realized on many DP Metering applications including the following:

  • Single phase gas
  • Single phase liquid
  • Heavy Oil -TekValSys DP will identify viscosity if it is not known accurately
  • Wet Gas -Once liquid loading is identified, TekValSys DP will monitor for shifts and indicate direction of shift in liquid
  • Water in Oil -TekValSys DP will indicate how well mixed the two liquids are and monitor for all issues as per single phase liquid
  • Steam -TekValSys DP determines whether the steam is saturated or superheated. It will indicate the shifts in level of saturation and the direction of shift from the initial saturation point. TekValSys DP will also verify the steam quality in the well and hence help with well optimization.

Meter System

A downstream pressure tap needs to be designed into the meter run ideally at 6D (6 x Internal Diameter) downstream of the meter throat which is dedicated for TekValSys. Two additional Differential Pressure measurements are required in addition to the ‘Traditional’ meter DP.

Meters which are calibrated before installation (e.g. Venturi and Cone meters) will require the two additional DP measurements to be recorded as part of the standard meter calibration with the associated downstream pressure tap in the same location as it will be in the field.

No additional meter calibrations required for TekValSys DP

The TekValSys DP software can be easily integrated into the design of your metering control system. Please contact us for options and design assistance.

Advanced technological development makes us capable of measuring almost anything but accuracy can only be achieved by selecting the right instrument and measuring the right parameters.


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