Differential Pressure (DP) devices are used widely in many applications and form the largest installed base of all flow measurment devices. DP flow meter designs are simple and sturdy and are therefore reliable.

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The Upstream section of the Oil and Gas Industry is also known as Exploration and Production (E&P). Exploration consists of crude oil and natural gas fields, along with the drilling of wells process. Production is subsequently operating the wells to produce crude oil and raw natural gas.
Tek-Trol’s reliable process instruments and complete measurement solutions such as custody transfer metering skids and analyzers are used to monitor the complete oil or gas transaction. For pipeline metering systems, Tek-Trol offers a state-of-the-art pipeline leak detection system, including the required measurement instrumentation. On retrofit installations, existing plant instrumentation can often be incorporated into this system
Refining is also referred to as the downstream sector in the Oil and Gas Industry. It is a series of processes that convert crude oil into finished products. Refineries store in various refined products in tank farms are blended into the final products, such as kerosene, diesel, and gasoline. Accurate refinery instrumentation is essential to ensure the blended products meet the required specification. For key refining processes, Tek-Trol has dedicated flow and level instrumentation, such as Vortex, Ultrasonic and Coriolis Flow Meters for harsh environmental conditions.

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