Please send your detailed application to:

TekTrol Technology,
796 Tek Drive,
Crystal Lake,
IL 60014 USA
Tel:  +1 847-857-6076


Crystal Lake, IL
Job Description:

The student will work with Tektrol’s engineering team as assigned based on skill matching. The student will design and build a Flow Lab. This opportunity will allow the student to gain hands-on experience. In addition to receiving mentoring from his/her manager. The experience and mentoring will complement the student’s studies to prepare him/her for a successful transition.

Basic Qualifications:

Tektrol LLC summer internships will start immediately. Applicants must meet ALL of the following qualifications to be considered for this position:

  • You must be 18 years of age by the start of the summer internship assignment.
  • You must be a US Citizen or legally authorized to work within the United States.
  • Sophomore candidate must be in your second year of engineering studies.
  • Junior candidates must be planning on graduating with a Bachelor’s degree or combined Bachelors/Master’s degree.
  • Senior or Graduate candidates must be in your fourth year of engineering studies completed your Bachelor’s degree at the time of your internship
  • Prefer student working in one the areas of Applications, Industrial, Mechanical Engineering; Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering.
  • Must be able to complete an internship at any of our locations listed below:
    796 Tek Drive, Crystal Lake, IL
Company Description:

Our revolutionary tek-nologies meet the needs of various applications across all process industries – including Oil and Gas, Power, Food, Pharma, Biofuels, Chemical, Water and Wastewater and many more. We monitor and control your process on-site or remotely, find solutions for simple or complex processes, provide products for retrofit or greenfield projects. We wish to be the preferred instrumentation, automation and control partner for industries across the globe and are committed to the transformation of your project economics. We are your competent partner at every stage of the project.

Type of Industry:

Process Instrumentation

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