Tek-DP 1670A Wedge Flow Meter

Tek-DP 1670A Wedges are differential pressure producing devices that are suitable for flow measurement for nearly all fluids and gases, especially for highly viscous, particle-laden and abrasive process applications. They offer excellent performance for the fluids having Reynolds no as low as 500 and work equally well for the fluids having Reynolds no up to several million.

Wedges stand out from the other primary flow elements due to their distinct construction. They allow bi-directional flow measurement as required in some applications.

  • Compact and robust design with no moving parts
  • Bidirectional flow possible
  • No clogging risk, self-cleaning
  • Accurate flow metering for highly viscous fluids, slurries and suspended solids
  • Minimal permanent pressure loss resulting in energy savings
  • Accuracy ≤ ± 0.5 % of the actual flow rate (Calibrated)
  • Repeatability 0.2 %
  • Available for all pipe sizes and in a wide range of materials
MaterialsStainless Steel 304,316,321,347, Carbon Steel, Hastelly C or Monel, Other marials on
Sizes2″ to 36″, Higher sizes on order
Pressure rating150 Psi to 2500 Psi
Operating TemperatureStandard at -20°F to 100 °F, optional -40 °F to 1200 °F
Process connectionsANSI B 16.5, Class 150 lbs to 2500 lbs
ViscosityUp to 3000 Cp
Mounting PositionParpendicular to the fluid flow direction
Mounting StyleFlange connection according to ANSI or DIN
Flange FaceFlat face, Raised face and Ring type joint
Installation RequirementMinimum 5xD upstream and 2xD downstream

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