Field Mount Flow Computer


The Tek-FCA 8000A Field Mount Flow Computer is used in custody and non-custody applications for liquid and gas applications. With the help of advanced diagnostics it offers a real-time monitoring system and helps reduce uncertainty in measurement making the process measurement reliable and robust. The Tek-FCA 8000A supports extensive alarming capability to enhance operational efficiency along with improved audit trail. It is designed to connect with standard Differential Pressure Meters.

We offer our clients a comprehensive dimension of products and solutions for various markets.
  • Flexible design with power and communication options to meet field instrument needs.
  • Provide Custody transfer and fiscal measurement requirements.
  • Real time measurement and Enhanced Data Logging capabilities.
  • Continuously monitor and verify the flow meter health and reduce output uncertainty using Advanced diagnostic software.
  • Easy to use with multiple differential pressure like Orifice, Venturi, Flow Nozzle, Wedge, Cone.
  • Simple and easily interface with the device using push buttons.
  • Volumetric or Mass flow measurement of Liquid, Gases and Steam.
  • AGA-3, ISO5167, V Cone.
  • Real gas, Ideal gas, AGA 8, API 2540.
  • Steam Quality Measurement: Reliable steam quality (steam dryness) as well as mass flow measurement. Density of Gas Mixture: Calculate the density of changing gas mixtures. Energy Monitoring: Energy consumption for Steam, Water, and Heat Transfer applications.
  • Cost Effective, Low Power field mount flow computer.
  • Modbus, BACnet, Power over Ethernet (PoE) communications available.
Electrical Connection ½” and ¾” NPT conduit connections
Power Requirements DCH option: 12-36 VDC, 300mA, 9W max DCHPOE : 12-28 VDC or Power over Ethernet, 5 Watts maximum
Display 2 Line X 16 Character LCD Alphanumeric Digital Display, Six Push buttons For Full Field Configuration, Mounted In 90° Intervals For Better Viewing
Input Signals 4-20mA (Flow, Pressure), Pulse, Frequency RTD (Ohm), BACnet
Output Signals Analog: 4-20mA(Volumetric flow, mass flow, density, pressure, temperature) Alarm: Solid state relay, 40 VDC Totalizer Pulse: 50 millisecond pulse, 40 VDC Volumetric or Loop Powered Mass: One analog, one totalizer pulse, HART
CPU Type: 32 bit 250 MHz, Flash: 8 MB, RAM: 64 MB DDR2
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