TekValSys ProMet


The TekValSys ProMet measurement assurance solution provides an independent, specialized, live monitoring solution for fiscal and custody transfer metering to identify and diagnose error source, estimate error size & provide corrective recommendations for a faster and more accurate error & balance management. Our solutions increase operational efficiency and identifies problematic site for LAUF risk reduction. The TekValSys ProMet meets the most stringent of technical requirements and are installed around the world interfacing with numerous Metering and control systems.

In today’s challenging market the TekValySys ProMet measurement assurance solution helps gas distribution companies with live reporting and accounting of the countless, disparate methodologies used on their metering assets and assists in improving the efficiency of the their gas delivery system.

Powered by customized modules TekValSys ProMet measurement assurance solution is able to offer enhanced validation and verification features by gathering holistic system diagnostics data from metering assets and processing with Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI) to not only identify errors but also determine error cause, recommend resolution and also estimate error magnitude for balance.
ProMet provides a flexible platform for all your metering supervisory needs and includes many standard features.
  • System architecture graphical mimic.
  • Metering skid graphical mimic.
  • Legend key for all mimics.
  • Automated and on-demand reporting.
  • Dual instrumentation comparison.
  • Current alarm summary and filtering.
  • Alarm and event historian.
  • Easy interfacing with external systems Flow.
  • Computer web-browsing built in.
  • Historical trending.
  • Report archiving and recall.
  • Remote access.
  • Document Manager.
  • Instrument Management.
  • A single high-level interactive map showing the health of the systems.
  • Bespoke rules determine the health conditions.
USM Diagnostics Continuously monitor and check the performance of ultrasonic flow meters, without the need for third party software.
  • Customisable thresholds for alarms.
  • VOS Fingerprint comparison.
  • AGA10 vs measured VOS.
  • Measured vs calibrated VOS.
  • Signal/noise ratio.
  • Signal gain per path.
DP Meter Diagnostics Gas Chromatograph Validation. Automatic verification of analyser results.
  • Accuracy of measured analysis compared against known sample bottle composition.
  • Configurable tolerance limit.
  • Automated to highest extent with clear operator instructions.
  • Control charting of each verification cycle.
  • Automatic validation reports generated.
GC Validation
  • Supports all differential pressure flow meters.
  • Supports all smart pressure differential transmitters.
  • Management and simulation of captured data points.
  • Enhanced data logging functionality, both on-demand or time-based.
  • Graphical process variable trending views.
  • Simultaneously connect to multiple primary and secondary devices.
  • Ideal tool for evaluating multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Fault in Repeatability Test Interpretation.
  • Fault in Control Chart Interpretation.
  • Fault in Composition Comparison.
Live Dynamic Uncertainty
  • Extensive Library of calculations per latest GUM/ISO 5168.
  • Fully Traceable Uncertainty calcs.
  • For each stream and system.
  • Showing graphically the mass, volume and energy, uncertainty and exposure for each system.
  • Where relevant data is available, the uncertainty of each of the components is combined.
  • To give the stream system uncertainties.
Flow Computer Verification Verification Flow Computer Calculation powered by the TekValSys ProMet calculation engine.
  • No need for additional software or hardware – verify calculations directly from the supervisory.
  • Extensive library of calculations.
  • Auditable records of previous results.
Transmitter Verification Verify pressure and temperature transmitter readings.
  • Transmitter reading verified against calibrated reference device.
  • Configurable tolerance limit.
  • Multiple measurement points.
  • Reading error automatically calculated.
  • ‘As found- and ‘As left verifications Captured.
  • Fully auditable records with verification reports.
Electronic Log Book and Inventory Control Do away with paper records to record all metering information.
  • Store all metering events and occurrences electronically.
  • Fully auditable.
  • Powerful filtering capabilities and report generation.
  • Graphical representation.
  • For all instruments, meters and equipment utilised within the metering systems.
  • Data can be presented company wide, region based.
  • Can relate just to a single system or per manufacturer.
Live Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics
  • Gather holistic system diagnostics data.
  • Process with Advanced Analytics & Al.
  • Identify error with 0.1% accuracy.
  • Determine error cause of 98% of events.
  • Recommend resolution.
  • Estimate error magnitude for balance.
  • Modbus, DNP3.
  • OPC DA interfaces.
  • Obtain metering data.
  • From flow computers, MSC, SCA DAsystems, DCS, Plant Historians.
  • Gateway located at remote sites.
  • Obtain metering data from various sources.
  • Securely and efficiently transmit it to the server.
  • Email.
  • SMS notification of specific status conditions.

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