Coriolis Flow Meter


Our range of Coriolis mass flow meters is designed to suit your need to measure almost any fluid, across any application. Built on the Coriolis principle, these meters measure the mass of the fluids directly, rather than volume. This means they do not require compensations for factors such as temperature and pressure which impact volume and in turn, impact the accuracy of measurement.

Our Coriolis flow meter consists of two parallel tubes that are made to oscillate using a magnet. These oscillations are recorded by sensors fitted at the inlet and outlet of each tube. In a no-flow state, the oscillations are synchronized, i.e. in phase with each other, since there is no mass exerting any force on the tubes. On the other hand, any fluid, or gas flowing through the tubes generates Coriolis forces, causing the tubes to twist in proportion to the mass flow rate of the medium.

The magnitude of this twisting is measured by the sensors as a phase shift between the inlet and outlet of the tubes; this phase shift is used to measure the mass flow rate of the medium.

  • Suitable for aggressive and contaminated media.
  • Measurement and Display of percent water-cut for oil or water mixtures.
  • High Phase Shift Frequency.
  • Measuring tubes vibrated at natural frequency.
  • Higher Sampling and Digital Filtering.
  • Short response time.
  • No moving parts.
  • Full Sensor Diagnostics.
  • Measures mass flow, density, temperature, and volume flow with high accuracy.
  • OLED with 2 line display.
  • Multiple Flange (150# To 900#) and Process Connections.
  • Net Oil Measurement.
  • Density accuracy upto 0.001 g/cm3.
  • Suitable for harsh conditions.
  • Process Temp Ranges From -200 to 300°F.
  • Ul Class I Div I and NTEP Approved.
Service Liquids and Gas
Size U shaped: 1½” to 8″
Microbend: ½” to 8″
Triangle: ½” to 1″
Measuring Ranges For mass flow rates please refer the catalog
Maximum Pressure 3770 PSI (26 MPa), 5800PSIG (40MPa) available
Accuracy 0.1% or 0.2% or 0.5%
Density Measuring Range 2 to 30 lb/gal (0.2 to 3 g/cm3)
Density Basic Error ±0.02 lb/gal (±0.002 g/cm3)
Density Repeatability ±0.01 lb/gal (±0.001 g/cm3)
Repeatability For 0.1% accuracy : ±0.05%
For 0.2% accuracy: ±0.1%
For 0.5% accuracy: ±0.25%
Temperature Limits Direct Mount: -58 °F to 257 °F (-50 °C to 125 °C)
Remote Mount -58 °F to 392 °F (-50 °C to 200 °C)
Power Requirements 18 VDC to 28 VDC or 85 VAC to 220 VAC
Output signal 4 -20 mA or Pulse, Optional: HART or Modbus RS485
Process Connection As per DIN or ANSI, Tri-Clamp or Threads
Enclosure Rating NEMA 4x (IP67),7,9
Agency Approvals UL,CE,NTEP and HMO

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